MIN A5 ® is a plant extract rich in natural vitamin A5.


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MIN A5 the plant extract rich in provitamin A5

Storage: Dry, below 25°C and out of reach keep away from children.

  • MIN A5 ® is a dietary supplement for the general supplementation of Vitamin A / Provitamin A, also in the form of Vitamin A5 ® / Provitamin A5 ®.
  • The recommended consumption amount corresponds to one capsule of MIN A5 ® daily.
  • The amount contained in a capsule corresponds to the daily recommended intake of Provitamin A, also in the form of Provitamin A5 ®.
  • Vitamin A5 ® is the first newly discovered vitamin in 80 years.
  • Vitamin A5 ® is the 14th vitamin.
  • Ingredients: Suspension of a plant extract enriched with natural beta-carotene olive oil, gelatin, humectant glycerin, stabilizer beeswax, dyes iron oxides and iron hydroxides.
  • Nutrients (per capsule MIN A5 ® / A5 ®): 5.3 mg provitamin A (corresponds to 110% of recommended daily intake of vitamin A) and a proportion of 2 mg provitamin A5 ®.
  • Contents: 30 capsules / 10.0 g
  • Warnings: Dietary supplements are not a substitute for a balanced and varied diet. The stated recommended consumption amount may not be crossed, be exceeded, be passed. Keep out of the reach of children.
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MIN A5 ® contains an amount of vitamin A5 ®, which is needed in our daily diet.

MIN A5 ®, one capsule, contains the amount calculated to be present in five portions (5 handfull portions of ~80 g) present in mixed vegetables.

MIN A5 ® is new, unique and protected by our intellectual properties / patents.

Usual vitamin A / A(1) can not replace vitamin A5 ® in the human nutrition and in our organism.